Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not Everyone Can Be A Mom......

It has been a year...I quit my managerial job and decided to look after the boys. I have always been competitive my whole life. Loved the struggle going to the top. Loved what I have achieved.
All my life, I have been struggling to keep an image my parents took from me. I never actually had an image. I just made it up so I can be somebody someday. And now, while I am into it...I have to give it up so I can give my kids my time and my love.
But I guess managing something else is easier than managing your own home. First, you get paid for being a manager. Second, you have an OFF day. Third, there are break times. And Lastly, after 8 hours, your done, or they pay extra. Being a Stay at Home mom, is a 24 hour job. No promotions. No break times. Not even Lunch breaks. No salary.Just a smile from your kids which is more than enough.

Coming from a very hectic, competitive corporate world....the first few weeks after quitting my job was a relief. Nobody calls me and asks for an update early in the morning. Nobody calls me while on a roller coaster ride to track the progress of an ongoing transaction with a somewhat BIG Client. Nobody bothers if I woke up later than the usual....Just a chilled out atmosphere....relax.....until........

Well you have to ready the breakfast for the boys, fix their school uniforms, fix the bed, get the groceries, do the laundry, clean the house and the do it ALL ALONE....

As a mom, I sometimes cry over things undone because of fatigue. I get frustrated from the things that are happening out of control, because in reality, not everything can be under your control. And the truth, I am ready to give up and go back to work until i realized that....

It was nice being cuddled by the boys before they go to sleep. It was nice that all your little boy needs to take away his pain is to place your hand where ever it was. It was so nice that they depended on you so much that you feel that you have become the most important person in the world rather  than thinking that you have been demoted from a manager to a  "just a mom" status. It was so nice that no matter how bad your cooking is, after a while, they missed the dishes you cook. It was so nice to think that everyone can be whatever they want but not everyone can be THE MOM.


  1. hi mare! welcome to the blogging world! you r doing a good job as a mom...keep it up!

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